The Reluctant Housewife or Dorothy Parker Ate My Puppy

"When I got married, I said to my therapist, 'I want to do something creative.' He said, 'Why don't you have a baby?' I hope he's dead now." Joy Behar

Friday, September 09, 2005

Danced the night away...

Had my night of dancing last night, in a cheap & cheesy salsa club. It was fabulous, until Old Friend told me he loved me. It was awkward & drunken & romantic & pointless & made me want to cry. There are too many &s in that sentence. I ran away like a coward. The reluctant housewife became a reluctant conversationalist, & a reluctant friend. I hardly slept - too many martinis I think. Sat awake most of the night eating toast, cursing men.

The London light is yellow: a thunderstorm is underway and there's rain pouring down the steps toward my front door. It feels like a Sunday afternoon - drowsy & aimless.